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It should surprise no one that Axl and I are huge Avenged Sevenfold fans — they’re only one of the best pop metal bands of the past decade! Duh. People who call Avenged Sevenfold gay are gay.

So we’re pretty excited about the fact that there’s a new A7X song called “Not Ready to Die” on the webernets today, released concurrently as a single with the new Call of Duty DLC video game. The band has been posting a series of cryptic message via their Twitter account over the past few days… I can’t be bothered to fill in the blanks, especially given the fact that the riddle has already been solved in the form of today’s new song, but you can take a look at those messages here.

Jam “Not Ready to Die” above. It sounds like Avenged Sevenfold, so while A7X fans will surely enjoy it I wouldn’t expect any haters to suddenly be converted.


Thanks: Christopher Russo

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