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Graveyard rocks, so I was prepared to have a good time with Stormbringer.at‘s video interview with frontmen Jonatan Ramm and Joakim Nilsson. But I didn’t foresee that Reini, the Austrian site’s interviewer, would give me this raging bro-ner. Dude runs a killer Q&A, with sharp Qs to get the unvarnished As, all in his second language. Nuge!

A few of the ten-minute gab’s highlights:

  • Ramm’s sigh as he speaks the term classic rock
  • Accent hilarity — Nilsson: “High-singing is okay.”
  • Accent hilarity — Reini: “You brought the true music of lost dickheads back.”
  • Reini asks a great question about being a priority act on Nuclear Blast, not another failing-in-advance band on a small, hip label. The result? A number-one record in Sweden, chartage in America and other countries in Western Europe, and a one-off opening slot for Iron Maiden.
  • But how does a modest retro-rock band get big? As Nilsson states, “With a little help from bigger companies, you can put any kind of music in the charts.”
  • It’s natural but worrying that Ramm and Nilsson each state that their approach involves paying tribute to the music they like. But you can tell they’ll get past that soon.
  • Best question ever? Reini: “The cool thing is your promo shots because all of you four guys have this this sexy moustache in, in your head … Isn’t it seem nowadays that there’s a renaissance of moustache? Sexy or not?”
  • Ennio Morricone RESPECT.


Graveyard’s rocking Hisingen Blues is out now on Nuclear Blast. Get it here.

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