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IT’S OFFICIAL: DEREK RYDQUIST IS OUT OF THE FACELESS, GEOFF FICCO IS IN (FOR NOW)So in case you haven’t been following all the drama with The Faceless this week, here’s a quick run-down of recent events:

And now Rydquist has released a statement to Lambgoat officially announcing his departure… which isn’t shocking news following the other events, but I guess it’s good to have some closure.

Rydquist’s statement, and what little we know about the band’s new vocalist, after the jump.

So first of all, here’s the statement Rydquist released to Lambgoat:

“As you Internet sleuths have deduced, I have left The Faceless. I left the band a couple months ago, and we were waiting until they had everything sorted out on their end before saying anything about it, but I guess I’ll take it upon myself to break the news. I am no longer emotionally or artistically fulfilled by being the vocalist for the group, and that’s how I arrived at my decision. Touring’s luster has worn off, and I have found myself reconsidering the role I would like to take in creating and presenting music. Also, being a ‘professional musician’ was kind of ruining my love for music because when you rely on this stuff to make you money, as with anything, it is easy to become bitter towards it. Not that it was all bad, I had the best times I will ever have being in this band, but it is time for me to move on.

“I’d like to thank the band and the friends I’ve made through the band for making this not only a life altering experience, but a life shaping one. There is an immense amount of talent in this band, and the new vocalist they have is doing a great job, so please keep supporting The Faceless. I can now join you in anticipating the new album.

“If you’re interested, I’m now playing in another group with some dudes from some awesome bands. Check it out at www.facebook.com/bewilderbiest. We’re mixing the album right now, so we should have some music up soon.”

So, again, this is basically just a re-confirmation of information we already had, but it’s still good to know without doubt that, yes, Rydquist has now parted with The Faceless… again.

Meanwhile, Lambgoat has also solved the mystery of the identity of the new vocalist: his name is Geoff Ficco, and he’s previously been in two bands with whom I am not familiar, Kamikabe and Orgone. Although Kamikabe’s Facebook page says their vocalist is someone named Matt (last name unspecified)… so yeah I have no idea. (But the music is actually pretty good — I’m especially digging this song called “Only the Dead Rest.”) In any case, the reports coming back from Europe seem to be positive and in Ficco’s favor. We have no clue at this point whether or not Ficco is in the band for good or just filling-in on this tour; hopefully that information will be forthcoming.


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