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METALSUCKS MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR 2011 ANNOUNCEMENT, DAY 1So, hey, anyone remember when we sponsored that awesome Arch Enemy tour a couple of years ago? And we unveiled the line-up by giving you clues regarding each band on the bill every couple of days, until we had finally revealed exactly who was playing the tour?

Well, we had so much fun doing that, we’re doing it again! This tour features a different line-up, obviously, but, once again, it will have four awesome bands coming together to do one awesome trek, and you’re going to want to be there. So just consider this foreplay.

Here’s how it’s gonna work: one day we’ll give you three clues as to the identity of one of the bands on the bill, and then you guys will have a chance to guess the band, and then a couple of days later we’ll tell the answer, as well as provide clues regarding the identity of the next band in the line-up, before we finally unveil the headliners on June 7. Make sense?

Okay, here we go! These are clues regarding the identity of the first band on the bill:

  • This year they will release their sixth studio album.
  • Their most recent album was produced by a member of Anthrax.
  • They have been banned in parts of China due to their political views.

Alright, start yer guessin’! We’ll tell who the name of the band in question this Friday, May 27.

-Axl, Vince, and Everyone at MetalSucks

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