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Anyone alive and old enough to be aware of pop culture in the ’90s has a very special connection with MTV’s Unplugged series. The idea seemed revolutionary at the time — although in hindsight I’m sure it wasn’t — because there was something about stripping all the distortion away that was charming, leaving just the bare-bones music for analysis: are they good sequences of notes, or are they not?

Metal Injection is bringing Unplugged back, but for metal. At least I hope they are, because the results of their very first episode of Metal De-Injection (or whatevs) featuring TesseracT are pretty fucking great. Of course, TesseracT, whose vocals are mostly clean, are the ideal band for this kind of setup; it’s hard to imagine this working out well for Randy Blythe or any other screamer. But it’s a great concept, and it’s done right with multiple cameras and sound-board audio, all recorded in a pro studio. Watch Part 1 below then watch Part 2 and Part 3 over at Metal Injection.

TESSERACT: UNPLUGGEDClick Here To Watch The Video


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