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This picture: STILL FUNNY!

Evan Seinfeld and Biohazard have parted ways, and just mere months before the release of the band’s reunion album, their first release since 2005’s There Was a Biohazard Album in 2005? In a statement, guitarist Bobby Hambel explains the split simply by saying “it’s time for a change,” but doesn’t elaborate. Presumably Seinfeld will release his own statement sometime soon.

He’d better, at least! It was just this past November that Seinfeld declared the new Biohazard album to be “almost too good,” a promise that doesn’t actually mean anything. Now he’s gonna hafta explain why he would possibly abandon such a momentous project. Was he actually fired? Was his previous total overhyping complete BS? Would he rather just spend time with his ventriloquist dummy? I’m dying to know the answer.


[via Metal Underground]

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