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“Hey guys, I’m just wondering why you haven’t covered the new Evile song yet? They released it yesterday on the Earache website, it’s called “Eternal Empire” and it’s pretty damn good. I’m honestly a bit surprised that you haven’t posted anything on MetalSucks yet, I’ve seen a few other new tracks posted but no Evile.”
-Reader Tyler Halcomb

Hey, did you guys know that there’s a new Evile song? They released it Monday on the Earache website (but only if you’re willing to give up your sweet, sweet-ass e-mail address), it’s called “Eternal Empire,” and it’s pretty damn good. By which I mean, if you like other Evile songs, I imagine you’ll like this, because it’s even more retro than their other material, I think, and if you don’t like other Evile songs, I doubt that this one will convert you. I mean in the scheme of rethrash bands, I don’t think Evile are nearly as good as Havok, but they’re way, way better than, say, Bonded by Blood. “Eternal Empire” is a catchy song, and I won’t fault anyone for enjoying it.

ANYWAY, headbang here, then come back and let us (and Tyler!) know what you think in the comments section. Evile’s new album, Five Serpent’s Teeth, comes out September 26 on Earache.


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