Unsigned and Unholy



  • Nylithia: Last we heard from Nylithia these young Canucks were breaking tons of shit in a junkyard as their death-infused thrash made us headbang at our collective keyboards. The opening track from their new album Trainsaw sees them mature beyond the destruction fetish of their youth into a scintillatingly unclassifiable metal band with razor-sharp riffs, ass-tight chops and a developed sense of song, all while maintaining their sense of unrestrained energy and unabashed fun. Watch the video for the title track above. Nylithia will be releasing one song from the album per month along with a new video, all completely free, through their official website.
  • Blunderbuss: You’ve no doubt heard metal with elements of electronica before (See: Genghis Tron), but not quite in this way, somehow simultaneously proggy and grindy. Horse the Band would be the closest comparison, but Blunderbuss strike me as way more “out there.” For some really I just really dig what these guys are doing.
  • Blood Edition: Death metal that isn’t groovy, isn’t techy, isn’t Meshuggah-y, isn’t grindy, isn’t cheesy in the slightest… isn’t anything you’ve heard before, really. It is really heavy, it is fun, and most importantly it is quality and unique.


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