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When I think about the most bloggable, trendy genres of the last eighteen months or so, two things come to mind: djent and dubstep. I don’t have a ponytail, so I don’t really know much about djent, but I know that Tumblrsluts, moshbros, and other tastemaking, high-value music consumers who were into deathcore and metalcore last year are into dubstep this year. With that in mind, it makes a lot of sense to me that leading independent music retailer SUMERIAN RECORDS added dubstep sensations BORGORE to their roster.

Via Lambgoat/the official press release:

Israeli planking electronic artist, Borgore, has inked a North American deal with Sumerian Records. Asaf Borger (Borgore), has unquestionably become a household name for those who follow the ever growing Dubstep sound. He branded his own subgenre “gorestep,” which is an extremely aggressive form of Dubstep and previously achieved #1 on the Beatport charts. His much anticipated, new Delicious EP (featuring three original tracks, three instrumentals and a remix) is currently set for a June 21st release across all digital retail platforms.

I know what you are thinking: holy fuck, that is an incredibly poorly written press release, and Ash should scold/fire whoever is responsible for that piece of shit. But that’s not what this post is about. This post about about YOU, the reader! As an important member of the underground metal community, what are your thoughts????

What do you think about Sumerian’s entry into the world of dubstep? Is BORGORE the right artist for them to sign?? Will we look back on this in five years as a bold, shrewd move into a lucrative new market (ala Century Media signing Suiside Silence), or a lulzy, embarrassing misstep that will provide decades of punchlines (ala Earache’s foolish, ill-considered foray into terrible dance music during the 90s)????

-Sergeant D.

Sergeant D. worries about YOU, the reader, every day at Stuff You Will Hate.

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