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I hate, hate, hate Ted Nugent. I never liked his music, and I despise him as a human being, too.

Which is why I have more than a little appreciation for this skewering of The Nuge from last night’s episode of The Colbert Report:

The thing is, I kind of agree with Nugent; this generation does seem oddly apathetic to the fact that the world is basically falling apart all around us. Of course, I don’t think running out and joining The Crazy Badly Misinformed Violent Moron Brigade Tea Party is the answer, and it’s hard to take advice from anyone as racist and misogynistic as Ted Nugent.

Then again, I’m sure some of you disagree with me, and are chomping at the bit to tell me why Nugent and/or The Tea Party is wonderful. Feel free to try and convince me I’m wrong in the comments section below.


Additional reporting by Corey Mitchell

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