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[UPDATE: Apparently Axl already posted the shred vid while I was away. Oops! Still, check out the new studio video after the jump (and watch the shred vid again if you so please). -Ed.]

In case you still think we’re loony for choosing Revocation’s Dave Davidson as #1 on our Top 25 Modern Metal Guitarists list, this video of Davidson and fellow Revocation axe-slinger Dan Gargiulo shredding it up in the Jackson Guitars showroom in California should do wonders to help the cause. The MS reader whose sexy initials are actually J.A.M. also points out that it’s a great compliment to the Rigged features both Davidson and Gargiulo wrote for MetalSucks, as both dudes are playing the gear they highlighted here.

Dudes can play, amirite? It’s interesting to see that Gargiulo and Davidson split up the solo in “Cradle Robber;” watch out Dave, maybe next year Dan’ll steal your coveted #1 MS throne.

Meanwhile Revocation have released the third studio video from the sessions of their new record Chaos of Forms, which comes out August 16th on Relapse (pre-order here). Having finally gotten a chance to listen to that record in full upon returning from my trip to Alaska… HO. LEE. SHIT! Stream the tracks “Cradle Robber” and “No Funeral” at Revocation’s Facebook page to see what I’m talking about.

Watch that third studio vid after the jump. In one final dose of Revocation-related news, check out three new demo tracks by experimental metallers Artificial Brain, featuring Dan Gargiulo, at their Bandcamp page. Good stuff, if not all that Revocation-y.

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