Green Eggs and Slam



BIG CHOCOLATE is a busy motherfucker. When he’s not touring as a DJ, remixing his own and other people’s songs, or working on Commissioner (with Mitch from Suiside Silence), he does a one-man band called DISFIGURING THE GODDESS. They’ve been around for a few years, but just dropped their debut full-length Circle of Nine. It’s definitely brutal as fuck, but I am not sure whether they are a death metal or deathcore band!! I think it is really important to label music, so I am asking for your help on this one.

On the one hand, DTG has many elements of deathcore, such as a “Verbing The Noun” name (see also “Blank Of Blank” and “I, Noun” band names), and the cover kind of looks like the cover of Impending Doom’s Nailed, Dead, Risen. They also use a lot of sweep picking, and Cam has short hair (like the singer of Whitechapel). On the other hand, Cam’s guttural vocals are a zillion times more brutal than any deathcore band can pull off, the mosh part at 2:05 is more like a slam riff than it is a breakdown, and he doesn’t have his ears gauged (Phil from Whitechapel does). As you can see, the lines are very blurry!!

I know I love this band, but I am having a really hard time figuring out if they are deathcore or not!! Are they death metal, deathcore, or some new genre that combines the two????? What do you guys think???

– Sergeant D

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