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Yes yes y’all, it’s time for another round of bands that various readers have sent us. Today’s theme, which I chose for no reason other than my own amusement, is bands with really ridiculous names, even by ridiculous metal band name standards. And, hey, guess what? Two of ’em are actually pretty good! Crazy, right?

Join me on this magical musical adventure, won’t you?

Super Happy Story Time Land were recommended by reader Travis Conquest, and based purely on their name, I assumed they were gonna be poopy scene band. But they’re actually pretty good. Their music is proggy but not schizo and techy but not soporifically so — but, most importantly, they have a real talent for writing catchy stuff. (Granted, some songs are better than others — I’d recommend starting with the also-ridiculously-titled “Bearstronauts II.”) I’m sure there are people who won’t like them simply because they’re not called Eviscerated Whore Fetus or whatever, but that’s dumb. They’re way better than half the similarly-minded bands people send us all the time.

Lord Assenfroth recommends Tyrannosorceress… now that is just a GREAT name for a band. And, hey, they are also pretty good! Not necessarily anything you’ve never heard before, but if you have a craving for some totally solid new blackened death metal, Tyrannosorceress will definitely hit the spot. Their demo is available for free download here. Tyrannosorceress dudes, if you’re reading this, I don’t know if you guys make t-shirts or not, but if you do, I want one.

Moving right along, we conclude this edition of “Reader’s Choice” with Terroristars, a Spanish band that was recommended by Andrés Jeff Barrejón. Unfortunately, this band breaks today’s trend of groups with funny names that are actually good. I mean, I guess in all fairness, there’s not the worst band I’ve heard this week, and occasionally, they even come up with a pretty decent riff. But the vocals are uniformly bad, and, really, the world just does not need another band that sounds like this. But if Soulfly’s Dark Ages is your favorite album of all time, you will probably dig Terroristars.



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