I’m going to put about as much effort into this introduction as Courtney Love puts into maintaining the appearance of being sane.

First up today we have the video for “Breakdowns Breakdowns Breakdowns,” from Bury Your Breakdown. Because original vocalist Mat Breakdown has returned to the fold, some people are calling this “the comeback of the year.” Those people need to listen to the new Decapitated album. Although I suspect they may not enjoy it do to a severe absence of breakdowns. Because people who love Bury Your Breakdown really break down breakdowns. I mean, they can’t breakdown with break, d’own? Breakdown breakdown breakdown, breakdown downbreak break down breakdown! HA! Breaky breakdowns.

Next up,we have “Lethean Tears,” the new video from ex-Scar Symmetry frontman Christian Älvestam’s Solution .45 that debuted on Metal Injection. This is a very 80s-sounding power ballad, so it makes sense that its a very 80s-power-ballad kinda video — half performance footage, half “behind the scenes” candid footage. And while it’s no secret that we’re big Älvestam fans around here, this seems kinda boring and unmemorable to me. I mean if you’re a HUGE fan of the band, you might think all the candid footage is amazing and OMG that time Älvestam wrote “666” in the snow and then that other dude wrote “772” in the snow was so LOLOLOLOLOL, but for the rest of us…

Click Here To Watch The Video

We conclude today with “Matriarch,” the new video from As Hell Retreats. And, really, the makers of this clip deserve a big ol’ pat on the back, because it’s such an original video for such an original song. Dudes dressed all in black playing Meshuggah-inspired ‘core in an idyllic setting while some other dude (also in black, duh) obsesses over some blonde girl? HOW DID THEY EVER COME UP WITH THAT IDEA?!?!


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