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Nathan Ells is a great singer, and I will always love the work he did with The Human Abstract, especially on Nocturne. So I was actually pretty stoked when a reader (who, given the tone and style of her e-mail, I think was actually either a poorly-disguised publicist or manager, but whatever) sent us an e-mail last night tipping us off to existence of Sunlit Ether, Ells’ new project with “former members of October Burning.” I’d never even heard of October Burning before, but it didn’t matter — ya pretty much had me at “Nathan Ells.”

And then I listened to the band.

Right now they have three songs available. They alternately sound like bad 90s alt metal or nu-core, neither of which is a style of music that would be my first, second, or tenth choice to listen to.

What I should have done to prepare myself for this disappointment was research this October Burning band. ‘Cause when I did, everything suddenly made sense. No shock: Sunlit Ether is just October Burning with a better singer.

So, that’s a bummer.

If can get more info on Sunlit Ether here. If you disagree with me and think they rule and happen to live in the area, they’re playing at The Joint in L.A. this Saturday, August 13. If you go, drop us a line and let us know how the show was.


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