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Ridiculously awesome Canadian grind quintet Fuck the Facts have released the album art for their upcoming offering Die Miserable*, and in the words of the anonymous reader who tipped us off to the event, “I have no idea what is on that cover.” I have made my screen as bright as I possibly can in order to try and make it out, and I just can’t.

And yet… I get this feeling from looking at it… so maybe that’s the point. Maybe you’re just supposed to let the image wash over you. Maybe you’re just supposed to look at it and really feel as though you’re going to die. Miserable.

Whatever the fuck is going here, I’m sure the album is gonna be great.

Die Miserable comes out October 11 on Relapse.


*I would really like to be a family gathering with a member of Fuck the Facts, preferably when they are meeting someone’s new significant other for the first time. “And what do you do?” “I sell insurance.” “Really?” “No, I’m in a band called Fuck the Facts.” “Called Fu…?” “Yeah, and our new album is called Die Miserable.” “Oh… oh…”

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