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Today in news that will surely make Grim Kim happy: The Church Within-era line-up of The Obsessed (That would be Wino and future Goatsnakers Guy Pinhas and Greg Rogers) will reunite to play next year’s Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Holland. I don’t really have anything clever to say about this, other than I wonder why poor Scott Reeder keeps getting left out of reunions. Nick Oliveri had to be dragged away by a SWAT team for Reeder to get invited to play with Not Kyuss!, and now this. And that’s like ten years after Lars Ulrich implied that he wasn’t a skilled enough bassist to be in Metallica in Some Kind of Monster. I mean, sheesh.

ANWAY, the fest takes places from April 12 – April 15; The Obsessed with play on April 14. I always tend to believe that these reunions are never really one-off deals, and that we’ll see the band announce some more appearances soon. But of course I don’t know that for a fact, so… if you’re dying to see these dudes, I’d start making travel plans.


Thanks to everyone who e-mailed us about this!

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