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A couple of weeks ago, MetalSucks’ own Nicholas Pell wrote a glowing review of the new Brutal Truth album, End Time, which I hope you all read. But if you didn’t, here’s the short version:

“On End Time, Brutal Truth don’t just regurgitate the same shit I’ve heard a zillion times since I first gave Anticapital a spin… they bring something refreshing to grindcore — namely, a sharp rock n’ roll edge that makes the genre about as catchy as it’s ever going to get… End Time doesn’t bring grindcore to the next level. On the contrary, it goes back to basics, setting a new standard for grimy, light-speed rock and roll.”

That is a really elegant and beautiful way of discussing what’s so terrific about End Time, and I literally could never have written it any better. And if, for some reason, you were not inclined to give End Time a spin based simply on the fact IT’S A NEW BRUTAL FUCKING TRUTH ALBUM, hopefully Nick’s review made you wanna give it a whirl.

And now’s your chance, ’cause the entire album is streaming at Hails and Horns right this very second. You should listen to it, and you should listen to it now, ’cause if you do, you will not need a drop of caffeine to kick-start your heart this morning. End Time is like eighteen cups of coffee all at once.

Headbang here, then act all jittery n’ shit in our comments section. End Time comes out September 27 on Relapse.


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