I’m goin’ troll huntin’ mah!

Photo Credit:  The INCREDIBLE Sahisnu “Nunu” Sadarpo.

Well well well….hold on a sec here…AHHHHHHH…yeah.  Sorry, just had to get comfortable on my throne here and get my crown on straight-all better!

Today’s the day I get to troll..er..uh…I mean…run Metalsucks.net!  Truth be told I am really fucking happy to be here!  I’m going to take this opportunity and actually put it to good use and hopefully it’ll help out some bands out there today.  There’s not gonna be much time for humor here-sorry-it’s alllll business today ladies.  I sent out a few messenger pigeons who’s sole purpose was to wrangle me up some good interviews and, well, they delivered!  I made it my mission to ask these lovely people all kinds of questions that 1) I don’t think most interviewers ask them and 2) that I think will help out any musicians/bands out there that may be looking for some answers or advice.

Hopefully you’ll come away today being a little more well-versed on how things really run in the industry and perhaps even a better understanding of just how hard it is to “make it” in this industry.

Lastly, it wouldn’t be a proper Gosnell outing unless I created some controversy so you’ll get some of that too!  So, all you trolls out there man your keyboards and get ready to spill your pussy juice all over them because I think you’ll have A LOT to get butt-hurt about today!!

I’m gonna kick the day off here with my debut rap single “Albert Clifford”.  It’s a tribute to my childhood hero A.C. Slater.  I don’t think there’s a person out there who’s life hasn’t been touched/enriched by this man.  My single wasn’t very successful in the U.S. but it did go Aluminum in Yugoslavia so, ya know, there’s that.

Stay tuned-there’s much more to come!

Love your favorite guest writer in Metalsucks history,

Justin Gosnell

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