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When it comes to deathcore, there’s a pretty clear hierarchy: You’ve got the first-string bands like Suiside Silence, Whitechapel, BMTH and Winds of Plague at the top of the heap, the junior varsity, like, say, Chelsea Grin rounding out the middle, and then the 5 zillion generic also-rans/no-hopers at the bottom of the pile. Carnifex is an interesting one though, because I’m not quite sure where to put them, the bottom of the first string or the top of the JV team. I kind of feel like they are just floating out there, with no real clear sense of where they belong.

With that said, they have a new album on leading independent music retailer VICTORY RECORDS coming out next month and just released a lyric video for the first single (above). Although it pretty much sounds exactly like their old stuff, I think that kind answers most of my questions about where they fit into the deathcore hierarchy. Is this style still a thing?? Seems very deathcore 2.0 to me — I expected them to copy Meshuggah and Korn like all the first-tier started doing last year. Also, the video itself is pretty facepalm inducing… if you feel like making your own DEATHCORE LYRIC VIDEO, apparently all you need is a torrent of After Effects and some freeware grunge fonts!

Anyway, if you are on the West coast, check them out on tour next month with Suffokate and the highly underrated FIRST FUCKING BLOOD! Hit them up on Facebook for a complete list of dates.

-Sergeant D.

Sergeant D. is a first-stringer every day on Stuff You Will Hate.

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