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We invited Rumpelstiltskin Grinder to play our first annual Metal Suckfest in NYC in November but unfortunately the PA criminal thrash kings had to decline because bassist/vocalist Shawn Riley had other touring commitments. Turns out those “other touring commitments” are with most excellent black metallers Woe — who are playing our official Suckfest “Pre-Game” with Mayhem on Thursday, November 3rd — so the news that RsG couldn’t make it was bittersweet. But man, Rumpelfuckingstiltskin Grinder! ‘Twould’ve been an honor to have them at our fest.

I’m cranking 2009’s Living For Death, Destroying the Rest as I write this, and this album without a doubt thrases just as furiously as it did when it came out and I named it one of my favorite records of the year. Riffs for miles and miles and miles! So it is with great excitement that I tell you this, via a press release: Rumpelstiltskin Grinder are working on a new record that will tentatively come out in Spring 2012. Comments guitarist Matt Moore (also of Absu fame):

Our wretched new masterpiece will be finished soon enough. Each song has its own distinct and strange aura of speed, darkness, brute strength, violence, cunning, and power. Like any respectable band, we have raised the bar and taken on musical and lyrical concepts that would drive commoners insane. Faster. Louder. Darker. Crazier.

Simple enough, right? As long as they bring the riffs I’ll be happy camper. No word on why the band’s previous label, Relapse Records, isn’t putting the new record out, and I admit… I’m curious.

So, get excite! Jam “Brainwasher C.1655” from Living For Death, Destroying the Rest above.


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