...And F*ck You Too



Because unlike Limp Bizkit, Korn keeps finding new and innovative ways to be completely unlistenable. A press release for the band’s nu-dubstep-metal album, The Path Of Banality, claims that “this is unlike any Korn record.  It’s even unlike any record released before.” And that’s not just hype. Korn have reinvented the art of being the worst band on the planet, and, thus, become relevant again. We can ignore Limp Bizkit, who are still using the same tricks they were over a decade ago, only with diminishing returns; but nearly twenty years into their career, Korn are as deplorable as they ever were, genuinely competing with younger acts like Skip the Foreplay for the honor of making music so awful it may actually inspire rioting by anyone with a first grade education and functioning ears.

Bravo, Korn. Bravo!

The Path of Tonedeafality comes out December 6 on Roadrunner. The band will follow it up with an entire dubstep tour, which, again, is a completely brilliant move on their part. You can get dates on some other website.


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