Worst Week Ever




So, clearly, Mark Hunter wins V.I.P. of the week, and probably the month, and possibly the year for his exploits on Twitter this week. So for the third and final time, I encourage you to follow him and if you have a question, ask it. ‘Cause, holy shit, I dunno if you guys realize how amazing this opportunity is. Do you know how I would have felt if I could have asked Chris Barnes a question back in the day and gotten an honest response pretty much in real time? My fucking head would have exploded. These are truly amazing times in which we live, and I hope more industry folk follow Hunter’s lead and start using social networking platforms for a useful, intelligent dialogue like this one.

Also, while I’m on the topic, check out Chimaira’s new album, The Age of Hell. It’s possibly in Best Buy, definitely on iTunes and Amazon, and certainly on Spotify. And it’s fucking good.

And on that note, here’s some shit we did this week:

Speaking of social networks, I’ve had my own Facebook page for awhile just to do admin stuff for the MetalSucks FB page, but now I’m going to actually start, like, updating it and shit. So please friend me — and if you’ve done so already, I apologize that I’m only just now getting around to accepting that friend request, and I hope you didn’t take it personally that I took so long. I’ve also started my own Twitter account, and Vince has done the same. We’ll be using these accounts not just to discuss things we talk about on the site, but “overflow,” so to speak — stuff we don’t have time to write full posts about, but I think you should know. So now there’s even more ways to be irritated by us, tell us how bad we suck, etc. So, y’know. Keep up with us and stuff.


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