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I like new-era Megadeth. There, I said it.

Endgame was sweet. United Abominations was sweet. Even The System Has Failed had some really good songs (although it had some duds too). No, MegaDave’s not breaking new ground or upping the ante, but when you’ve been doing it for 30 years already that’s not really expected. Sick riffs and decent songs are enough for me, and the last few albums have had tons of ’em. For fuck’s sake, people en masse give Slayer a pass and they’ve written the same album ad nauseam forever.

But nothing involving Megadeth comes without controversy. Axl and I have both really been digging the first and second songs to be released from Megadeth’s admittedly embarrassingly titled TH1RT3EN, but the comments I’ve been seeing from you all on MS have been full of venom. “That main riff is suspiciously similar to ‘Hanger 18’.” “This track sounds like a leftover from Cryptic Writings- modern rock radio garbage.” “You gotta be trolling saying this is a good song.” “The lyrics sound like it was a bands first attempt at lyrics.” And on and on and on, with tons of negative comment “Likes” to boot. Can’t we all just get along?? Why can’t we just headbang together? Why’s everything gotta reinvent the wheel??? No wonder Dave Mustaine’s so f’ed up… dude’s been a lightning rod for most of his life.

A third song from wE SP4Ll lIkE 12-yEaR oLDs in Ao-HeLL-ChAtRoOmS-CiRCa-1994 premiered on Full Metal Jackie’s radio show last night; its subject matter is coincidental given my rant above. I liked the first two songs from the album more than this one, but it sure ain’t bad at all — lotsa sick Megadethy riffs. Have a spin below, then sound off in the comments:


Thanks: James Mullen

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