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For those who don’t know, the guy who co-founded SOUTHERN LORD was an sxe moshbro back in the ’80s and early ’90s, and had a terrible/lulzy hardcore band called BROTHERHOOD. Then after youth crew was cool, he was in ENGINE KID, a really shitty alternative rock band. After that he was in a drone band that was kind of sweet called TEETH OF LIONS RULE THE DIVINE (lol @ hipster name), then he was in another drone band called SUNN O)), but they weren’t as good as his other drone band. Curious??? READ MOAR!

I grew up in Seattle and started listening to hardcore in 1989. That means I was about three years too late to take Greg’s band BROTHERHOOD seriously (they were a lulzy attempt at the Bold/Judge-style NYHC sound). My friends and I would come across their record every now and then at Goodwill or whatever and be like “LOL could they jock Youth Of Today any harder??!” And you can’t see it in this youtube thumbnail, but the one dude has X’s shaved in the back of his head– next time you see Sunn 0)), ask Greg when he’s going to bring that shit back!!

He was also in Amenity, one of the classic early-90s “punchline bands,” ie bands who you could always use to fill in the following sentence and get a laugh: “We’re pretty hard to categorize; we sound like a mix of [choose between Unbroken, Inside Out, or Turning Point] and Amenity.”

After YOUTH CREW JAMS stopped being cool, he was in a band called Engine Kid. They pretty much did the alternative rock/post-hardcore thing, as was popular at the time (see the Revelation “In-Flight Program” comp). Don’t have much to say about this band because I was too busy listening to Merauder and Fury Of Five to pay attention to the QUICKSANDCORE movement, but whatever… I know a bunch of my friends in Seattle who recorded with Clint Werner were on their dick so maybe Engine Kid were good at what they did???

Not sure what he was up to from the late 90s until the 00s, but at some point or another he resurfaced in the drone band Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine. I kind of hate myself for it, but this is by far my favorite band that Greg has been involved with :/  I non-ironically like this band a lot… feelsbadman.mp4

I totally get what Sunn O)) are doing but I just can’t get into it. Maybe the problem is that I only did Oxy a couple times with a friend of mine who talked me into it, I don’t know, but it just doesn’t click with me?? Objectively speaking TOLRTD are pretty shitty but at least they have something resembling riffs, but Sunn O)) literally just sounds like if I put my guitar down if I had non-humbucking pickups and accidentally didn’t turn down the volume. I get that it’s “art,” but you have to draw the line SOMEWHERE… I mean, I would rather listen to fucking Brotherhood than this!!!

Photos at top via Brooklyn Russell (Brooklyn = fukin groce brah, but credit where it’s due)

(PS False Liberty were pretty sweet, when do we get a reunion??)

-Sergeant D.

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