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Man oh man, do we have an awesomely weird one for you today. To our delight, Jucifer asked us to premiere their new video, for the song “Hiroshima,” and we can pretty guarantee you that you haven’t seen a metal video like this before. It might be fun (or horrifying, we’re not really sure) to drop some acid before watching this clip. But if you don’t have acid, well, no worries — the images in this video will more than convey the feeling that you are tripping balls. Seriously, this is a strange, strange video, and we mean that as a very high (!) compliment.

Check out the David Hall-directed clip below! “Hiroshima” appears on Jucifer’s latest, Throned in Blood, which is out now on Nomadic Fortress/Relapse. The duo has a new album and a European tour planned, both slated for April.  In the meantime, they’ll celebrate their nineteenth year as a band and twelfth year of nonstop touring with dates across the midwest and east coast. You can get all their upcoming tour dates here. The band’s early four track EP Nadir has recently been mastered for reissue by Scott Hull, and will see its first digital release via Grindcore Karaoke soon.

But wait! There’s more! Director David Hall — who also made the Maryland Deathfest movies, as well as videos for Today is the Day, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Sigh, Fuck the Facts, Hail of Bullets,and Woods of Ypres — is getting out of the of the music video business, and into… the VHS business??? Read more after the jump.

That’s right — while Hall is currently wrapping-up a batch of music videos for some really cool bands (including Brutal Truth, Rwake, Maruta, and the aforementioned Fuck the Facts), as well as one final MDF documentary, once those are done, he’s leaving the music video and movie business behind. Instead, he’ll be concentrating on “VHS albums.” And what are those, you ask? Hall explains:

“A VHS Album is basically an album output to a VHS tape, with an accompanying video track created specifically for the music. Each VHS release will be extremely limited, like 1 to 5 copies – and the visuals on each tape will differ slightly, so every VHS album will be one-of-a-kind.”

Which sounds potentially pretty interesting, no? And if you’re a fan of the bands Hall will be working with, you’ll have a real collector’s item on your hands.

Hall’s first VHS album will be Today is the Day’s totally killer Axis of Eden; Total Fucking Destruction’s Hater, USX Appalachia’s (U.S. Christmas) Salt the Wound, and Sulaco’s Build and Burn are also all on the docket. You can get more details from Hall’s official website.

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