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Seth Putnam was one of metal’s great provocateurs and most colorful personalities. That’s why, even if you were never a huge Anal Cunt fan — and I profess, I am grateful to AxCx mostly for serving as my introduction to Scott Hull — Putnam’s death this past June feels like a profound loss to the community. Not many people will ever make an impression the way that guy did.

Now Realpse is getting to release a tribute to the man, the myth, the legend, in the form The Old Testament, a collection of demos, 7″s, EPs, and other assorted Anal Cunt rarities. And two tracks from that compilation — a seven-and-a-half minute demo which is apparently AxCx’s first, and a song called “Riverbottom Nightmare Band” — are now available for your listening pleasure over at The Deciblog. I’m not really gonna try to describe the music for you, because if you know Anal Cunt, you already have some sense of what to expect, and if you don’t, well… you just kinda need to listen, because Putnam and company were truly one of a kind and no words can really tell you what you’re in for. This shit was, uh, unique. Yeah, let’s say “unique.”

Headbang here. The Old Testament comes out November 22 via Relapse.


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