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  • Axl Rosenberg

I’ve never heard of Agent Provocateur before, but No Clean Singing describes the company as ” a UK-based maker of high-end lingerie… for people with more money than sense.” Which, I am now inclined to say, is probably true of the folks who run the company as well.

‘Cause apparently Agent Provocateur’s Creative Director, Sarah Shotton, decided to hire this director Justin Anderson to make a commercial which, according to Anderson, is “like listening to Slayer whilst reading Italian Vogue.” Which seems like the dumbest idea ever to be, because a) the spot is not going to appeal to women who buy lingerie because they need it, b) men who buy lingerie for their women aren’t going to care about anything other than how well said lingerie highlights the goodies, and c) your average death metal fan absolutely cannot afford Agent Provocateur’s crap anyway (this bra costs more than my entire wardrobe, for example).

All of that being said, if you’re curious about the spot and/or just feel like you wanna look at some boobies (’cause nothing sells lingerie like an absence of lingerie!), you can check out the NSFW spot below. The music is by a French band called Omaha Bitch, by the way.

If anyone can make a solid argument that this is actually an effective ad campaign, I’d love to hear it.


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