I’m gonna put about much effort into this intro as Twilight fans put into critical analysis of their favorite piece of literature/cinema/horse shit.

We begin today with Demon Hunter’s video for “LifeWar.” I don’t really like Demon Hunter and I don’t really like this song, but I do admire Ryan Clark’s beard, and I appreciate the fact that the rest of the band put their egos aside and opted not to be in the video in order to ensure that said beard got the proper amount of screen time. Also, gee, there sure are a lot of crosses in this video, eh?

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Speaking of crosses, next up we have Rose Funoral’s new video, “Beyond the Entombed,” which seems to have been filmed in a church. I would be kinda curious to know how they ever got a church to agree to this. ANYWAY, it’s a pretty typical metal video, and other than the fact that the editing seems to be more or less completely random (in other words, the cuts don’t seem to coincide with the music for maximum impact), I don’t really have anything too negative to say about it. Truth to be told, even by generic deathcore standards, this is not the worst song imaginable. So, there ya have it.

Speaking of churches, we conclude today with Brand New Sin’s brand new video, “The Lord Came Down,” which originally debuted on Noisecreep. The best part of this video is that director, faced with the challenge of making a single location seem interesting for three-and-a-half minutes, decided to have some of the band members stand in random places around the room for no apparent reason other than it allows for an oh-so-slight change of scenery for a tenth of a second. “Okay, now go play guitar on the stairs! Sing to the camera from over there in the corner! Can we hang the drummer upside down from the ceiling?”


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