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I knew I got out of bed this morning for a reason!!!

Not only have Cannibal Corpse unveiled the typically-gross cover art for their new offering, Torture (by longtime Cannibal Collaborator Vincent Locke), but, more importantly, they’ve officially released the first single from the album, “Demented Aggression.” And, yes, it is fucking awesome, and a glorious illustration of why this band is still worth caring about: they’ve struck that perfect balance between the whole Slayer “Let’s never stray too far from our sound!” thing and the Metallica “But artistic evolution is important!” thing. They continue to improve as musicians and songwriters (seriously, I can’t believe I constantly have to stress this, but songwriting is so goddamn imporant!!!), but at no point does it seem to have occurred to them to, say, write a bunch of Godhead songs. Why can’t other bands pull this off?

Enjoy “Demented Aggression” below:

Cannibal Corpse “Demented Aggression” by Metal Blade Records

Torture was produced by Erik “I Am Incapable of Being Involved with Something Shitty” Rutan, and comes out March 13 via Metal Blade; there’s already a wide variety of attractive pre-order packages available here.


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