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I guess Lacuna Coil really are a big deal mainstream band now, ’cause frickin’ Spin, of all outlets, is streaming the band’s new album, Dark Adrenaline (see cover art, above, for illustrated depiction of dark adrenaline). You can rock out Italian style here.

It’s a Lacuna Coil album, which means it’s really, really, REALLY catchy. Personally, I’ve been enjoying “I Don’t Believe in Tomorrow,” and — get ready — I have done a complete one-eighty on the song “Kill the Light,” and now think it’s the best tune on the album. For serious, no jokesies. It might be the first pop metal song in history that actually benefitted from repeat listens.

Plus, there’s a really weird but pretty interesting cover of REM’s “Losing My Religion” on the record. Just pointing that out.

Eat your salad after your main course but before your dessert here, then call me a wuss for caring about this band in the comments section below. Dark Adrenaline comes out January 24 on Century.


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