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I’ll kinda stick to facts here: It was Tuesday that I first heard the full Look Right Penny debut album, Sugar Lane. On Wednesday, I wrote here on MetalSucks that I was totally loving the poppy, proggy LRP vibe (I want a tour with Atheist and Paramore now!) and that I super-love when great players pump up pop music with artful, forceful chops. But that praise started to seem way faint on Thursday when I really got into the album: the super hooks, the huge bombast, the ace riffage, the bass drops, the skillz of singer Mariel Diaz-Carrion. Instant classic. Awesome.

So I spent about 12% of the next three days cranking Sugar Lane #truefact. At some point, I emailed Sergeant D. about it. I resisted it all Sunday just to see if I could. And I remained Sugar Lane-free on Monday until word reached me that MS had nabbed this very exclusive stream of the complete album (below). Now I’m ballz-excited to unveil this gem to beloved MS readers. Good times! And to celebrate, I think I’ll treat myself to a few consecutive listens to, say, Sugar Lane by Look Right Penny (out today). We click play now!

[this streaming promotion has now ended]


Florida’s Look Right Penny releases Sugar Lane today via Bieler Bros. Order it here and here. Internet me @AnsoDF to gab about it!

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