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Continuing the trend of announcing Metal Blade bands produced by Erik Rutan, Sumerian bands that are on Sumerian, and bands that everyone already knew were on the tour,  Goatwhore and Veil of Maya have both been added to Summer Slaughter. Goatwhore were officially announced via the festival’s Facebook page; VoM haven’t been yet, but Lambgoat says that when their new album, Eclipse, is released next week, it will be adorned with a sticker announcing the band’s participation. I guess the label thought that wouldn’t be letting the cat out of the bag too early, since no one purchases CDs anymore, and in theory, at least, that meant that no one would see the sticker. But someone did, so there ya go.

Aaaannnndddd… Holy crap, am I really gonna have to keep writing about this tour after every weekend? It’s a great line-up and I’m very excited to go see the show, but I am shit out of things to say about it already. Do you think if I stop writing about the tour, Vince will do it instead, or do you think MetalSucks readers will just have to learn about it elsewhere? I mean I could probably just ask Vince instead of rambling on about it in this public blog piece, but it’s too late, I’ve typed it now and there’s no going back.

Here’s a picture of an actual goat whore that I made because I was bored/horny:

Cannibal Corpse, Between the Buried and Me, The Faceless, and Exhumed have all already been announced for this trek. The next band will be officially announced on Sunday via the Summer Slaughter Facebook page. Other (very likely accurately) rumored acts include Job For A Cowboy and Hate Eternal.


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