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Speaking of terrible fucking plans, Steven Adler’s mom has written a book about her son called Sweet Child of Mine. This might only be the second-worst idea I’ve heard this morning, but it’s still painfully ill-conceived, and here’s why:

  • A very limited number of people in the world care about Steven Adler. He basically played drums on one great album almost a quarter of a century ago. When he was fired from Guns N’ Roses, they still sold seven million copies of the albums they made with a different drummer. Velvet Revolver considered having Steven in the band instead of Matt Sorum for precisely zero-point-zero seconds. When people say “We want a Guns N’ Roses reunion,” they really mean a reunion of Axl, Slash, and whatever other three-four dudes Axl and Slash see fit to keep around. If the reunion were announced with a mechanical monkey holding a pair of cymbals on drums, the band would still sell out their entire world tour.
  • Of the very limited number of people in the world who care about Steven Adler, an even more limited number cares about Steven Adler’s mom. Steven Adler’s mom has never played drums, or any other instrument, on a classic hard rock album that sold almost as many copies as the Torah. No one in the history of GN’R fandom has ever sat around and wondered, “What does Steven Adler’s mom have to say about all this?” No one.
  • Holy shit lady, at least get the name of the song right.

Anyway, you can buy the book here. Based on the description, I think the book features some shit about amazing Jesus is, y’know, as an added incentive to pay fifteen dollars for it.


[via Classic Rock]

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