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Burn Everything - Hollow Victory

It’s always good to hear from bands that’ve been featured in our Unsigned and Unholy columns over the years, especially when the fruits of their labor have been recognized by the world at large. Today we check in with three bands we’ve featured in the past; Burn Everything, Murder Therapy and Soul Cycle.

  • Burn Everything [featured October 2011]: Mind-warping progressive post-hardcore pummelers Burn Everything have done and got themselves signed to Dullest Records and put out a 7″ called Hollow Victory. You can stream the whole thing via their Bandcamp page (embedded below) or buy it for just 4 bones:

  • Murder Therapy [featured May 2011]: Last time around I called Murder Therapy “the next step in the evolution of death metal” and I stand by that statement based solely on the below trailer for their forthcoming album. I’m generally not a fan of trailers at all, but this one’s got solid clips of multiple songs — 4:30 in total — and what’s there sounds fucking phenomenal. There are bits and pieces that remind of The Ocean, Gojira, Burst and Memfis in equal measures. Can’t wait to hear this record! Labels: they’re still free agents, so act quick.


  • Soul Cycle [featured October 2010]: Instrumetallers Soul Cycle will release their new album II on April 24th. They’ve posted a trailer of a bunch of clips from the album comped together, which I’ve embedded below. There’s some really cool instrumental stuff going on here, and as I noted last time I featured the band I like that their sound doesn’t rely too much on djent cliche (although there’s certainly some present).


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