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Experimental Death Metallers Nero Di Marte (ex-Murder Therapy) Sign with Prosthetic Records


Nero di Marte

In 2011 we featured an Italian experimental death metal band named Murder Therapy in our Unsigned and Unholy section. A year later we did so again, posting a trailer of the band’s forthcoming album with the following commentary:

There are bits and pieces that remind of The Ocean, Gojira, Burst and Memfis in equal measures. Can’t wait to hear this record! Labels: they’re still free agents, so act quick.

At least one label listened, and frankly I’m not surprised that it was Prosthetic; they’ve always displayed a keen ear for talent, often far left of center, and have demonstrated a willingness to take on musically risky projects. Prosthetic just announced the signing of Murder Therapy — who changed their name to Nero di Marte over the summer — and we couldn’t be happier for both parties. Consider it an engagement, since the album isn’t out yet. How’s that diamond ring feel?

Here’s a trailer for Nero Di Marte’s forthcoming full-length album, due this coming spring, featuring several lengthy snippets of songs. I think it’s the same one I posted this past May, but I’m not sure (that video’s since been removed from YouTube):

Stream Murder Therapy’s 2011 four-song EP Malochian below. The stuff in the trailer above sounds like it’s going to be way more experimental than the EP below, but you can definitely hear where this band is headed from their EP, whatwith the Gorgutsian / Gojiran / Carnal Rapturesque abrasiveness, guitar scrapes of death, and occasional jazz wonkiness.

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