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“THE JANE PROJECT”: CONVERGE’S JACOB BANNON SELLING UNIQUE JANE DOE ART PIECESUnless you somehow know absolutely nothing about Converge, you’re aware that vocalist Jacob Bannon also does all the band’s album art. His most iconic piece remains the cover for the band’s revered 2001 release, Jane Doe; it’s an image of stark simplicity that is as recognizable as a classic Derek Riggs or Ed Repka piece (albeit with a feel much more appropriate to Converge, natch).

So it makes sense that Bannon has now launched “The Jane Project,” which… well, I’ll just let Bannon explain it. From his official website:

“This is the last Jane related project I will ever release. The making of this project will be featured in an upcoming mini-documentary filmed by McFarland & Pecci Productions.

“‘The Jane Project’ has been a massive undertaking that I have been working semi-secretly for a few years now. Over that time period, I created 90 ‘one-of-a-kind’ Mixed Media pieces using my well known ‘Jane Doe’ image as a foundation. Utilizing Japanese Gouache, Acrylic, Spray Paint, Ink, and other mediums, I slowly built up each image over time. This arduous layering process gave each piece unique textural character that carries a luminance and depth that could never be created any other way.

“Each piece measures in at 23.5″ X 31″ in size, and all are hand signed and lacquered on plywood, ready for quality framing. I will be handpicking each one that I send to my customers. Since each one has its own color palette, what color you will receive will be unique to you and you alone.”

Pretty cool, right? The only bummer is that the pieces will run you $700 a pop. That’s not unreasonable given the amount of work that went into these pieces, the quality of that work, and the fact that each piece is one of a kind, but it probably does limit which of us will actually be able to afford one.

But if you’re one of the lucky bastards does have the money to treat him or herself, you can get more details and even make a purchase here. And if not, well… maybe you’ll take consolation in the below video, which allows you a brief glimpse at all the pieces being offered:


[via Metal Injection]

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