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Even though the “I’m pregnant / It’s yours” Craigslist Missed Connections personal ad from the Chicago Motorhead/Megadeth concert turned out to be a hoax, I haven’t lost faith in the endless comedic goldmine that is Missed Connections. Today’s post comes from an eagle-eyed MS reader, who we’re guessing either a) is the Tragedy fan / astronomy lover in question, or b) just happens to enjoy randomly browsing Missed Connections as much as we do. Either way, this post referencing a Tragedy show at Red 7 in Austin, TX is pretty funny:

I saw you sitting on the inside stage at Red 7 at the Tragedy show on Friday. You were with another girl and a guy. You had long brown hair, were wearing a black shirt with a star system on the map (which I found extremely captivating), and a black skirt. I was going to ask you about what you were reading, as I like girls that read, but you walked off with your entourage, and I proceeded to rage way too hard during Tragedy. I saw you again near the Hot Dog King stand, but you went the other way before I got a chance to talk to you.

In hindsight, I probably absorbed the scent of a thousand crusties while in the Tragedy pit. However, I’m now clean and shaven, so I want to meet you for real, because girls who like loud music and astronomy are few and far between. I really want to get to know you. We can kick it with some 40s (or Alize, if that’s more your speed) and watch Cosmos together. I also have a deep voice, so I can read A Brief History of Time all smooth and whatnot. Let’s start a circle pit together.

Not a lot can distract me from metal and sausage, but you did.

Seems like this guy’s got a lot in common with the apple of his eye; metal, sausages, books, astronomy, oh my! And not for nothin’, he’s pretty funny too. Girl should definitely give him a chance.

I believe in the power of the Internet: let’s help this fine, young gentleman find his dream woman and hook them up with a date! I know we can do it. Go!


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