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Randy Blythe

Randy Blythe has left the building. The Twitter building, that is. Although we surely haven’t heard the last of the Lamb of God frontman’s opinionated rants.

Here’s Blythe’s final tweet, as re-posted by @LambofGodNews, posted minutes before he deleted his infamous @LambVox account:

Actually, I’ve changed my mind. After a few short hours of no twitter on my phone, I feel much better. Although I believe social networking can be used in a positive manner, I also believe it is for the most part a gigantic waste of time. Especially for me. It doesn’t hurt that it’s kinda addictive, & I certainly have that aspect of my personality.

So peace, I’m fucking outta here. If you see someone on Twitter or Facebook claiming to be me, don’t believe them, because I’ve never had Facebook and in about three minutes I won’t have Twitter. So it was nice to meet some of y’all. I wish you well. Now I’m gonna go read a good book.

Peace- D. Randall Blythe PS- #Randonesia will never die!”

I’m definitely gonna miss Blythe’s Twitter presence — his rants frequently gave journalist hacks like us something to write about, and even his more mundane Tweets were often interesting — but I’m happy that he’s keeping his Randonesia blog around as a conduit for all of that if he so chooses. So while the days of real time in-studio updates may be gone, at least we’ll still get to hear about his Presidential campaign and his disgust with Marilyn Manson’s “low” album sales.


Thanks: Hetal Bhatt

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