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So I guess Glenn Danzig was getting jealous of all the attention Dave Mustaine has been getting these past couple of months for saying stupid shit in the press — after all, Danzig hasn’t proven himself to be a colossal asshole since last November! And so, in a new interview with LA Weekly, the vocalist, physician, and mover of bricks decided to go out of his way to say something incredibly dumb. See, apparently he was once up for the role of “Wolverine” in the movie version of X-Men; of course, the role ultimately went to Hugh Jackman, who has since become a huge movie star who makes millions of dollars starring in movies for filmmakers such as Woody Allen, Christopher Nolan, and Darren Aronofsky, while Danzig went back to being someone that nine out of ten people in the world have never heard of before. Still, when asked how his portrayal of the famous comic book mutant would have differed from Jackman’s, he responded simply: “It wouldn’t have been as gay.”

It wouldn’t… have been… as gay.

Well, bravo, Glenn, bravo. You really hit the nail on the head there, what with your detailed analysis of why you didn’t appreciate Jackman’s performance. When is James Lipton retiring? Is Glenn available to take over hosting duties for Inside the Actor’s Studio?


Thanks to Steve for the link.

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