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If you’re a metalhead and you live in Boston you might wanna consider moving to greener pastures. Moshpits and the venues that allow them have come under fire from the Beantown PD while Animals as Leaders’ Javier Reyes was unlawfully assaulted by a police officer just last week. Being a metalhead in Boston sure ain’t easy.

The latest Boston metalhead snafu: a man wearing a bullet belt was detained and questioned and service was suspended on the Red Line subway track after a spooked bystander called the cops.

The man in question was vocalist Mike Eleftheratos (aka Hräsvelg) of black metal outfit Nachzehrer. From Nefarious Realm:

“I pulled my bullet belt out of my camo backpack and put it on at Downtown Crossing… Somebody apparently freaked and called the cops. They suspended service and searched me. The cops apologized and thought it was hilarious.”

At least the cops in this case had a good sense of humor about the situation; I mean, the idea of someone carrying around a gun capable of using the kind of ammunition bullet belts are fashioned after is just hilarious. Metalheads, just remember: if you see something, say something, lest some mysterious subway rider go all Rambo on your ass.


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