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Jef Whitehead (aka “Wrest” of Leviathan / Lurker of Chalice / Twilight) has had his legal troubles over the years, but in one fell swoop most of that will now go away as he begins serving two years of probation.

The Chicago Reader reports that Whitehead initially faced a 34-count indictment, though the state dropped 28 of those charges before the bench trial in April (including the supposed “tattoo gun” assault, which it turns out actually had to do with tattoo “ink caps that were about the size of a quarter.” According to The Reader, Whitehead got off pretty well with just two years probation and no jail time:

According to a spokesperson for the Cook County state’s attorney, Whitehead could have served three to seven years for the one charge of which he was convicted; that’s certainly a serious sentence, but nothing compared to what the initial charges could’ve brought. “The minimum mandatory sentence is enough that a man of Jef’s age would have died in prison,” says Whitehead’s defense attorney, Joel A. Brodsky.

So, did Whitehead get away with a fast one here via legal wrangling or was he exonerated from bogus charges of assault by a crazed lover? Who knows; certainly not me. Debate in the comments.


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