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Well, I guess the promoters of Mayhem Fest, Summer Slaughter, and every other big summer package tour won’t have to worry about having too much competition from Shockwave. The once-promising trek lost four of its initially-announced eleven bands last month, and now it’s been dealt an even larger blow: legendary French-Canadian thrash metallers Voivod have pulled out, too, according to a posting on their Facebook page:

“Shockwave tour is no longer as advertised, Voivod really wanted to be touring but the situation was out of the band’s control and the tour producers could not live up to the promises.”

Which doesn’t sound like the band dropped off on amicable terms, now does it?

So what the hell is going on behind-the-scenes with this thing? We may never actually know what the problem is. In any case, I’ll be interested to see if the tour’s organizers attempt to proceed with the remaining six bands or not. I mean, it’s actually a pretty solid bill (Fear Factory, Cattle Decapitation, Misery Index, Havok, Last Chance to Reason, and The Browning are, as of this writing, still on board), but at this point, it’s hardly a “festival” anymore, y’know?


Thanks to Steve for the tip.

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