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According to some metal news website that regularly plagiarizes our content and will thus not be credited here, Randy Blythe has finally posted bail, although due to a procedure hurdle and Czech national holiday will probably remain in jail until next week at the earliest.

According to judge Petr Fassati of Prague 8 district court, the prosecutor has three working days to decide whether to approve Blythe’s release. Since Thursday and Friday are public holidays in the Czech Republic, the deadline for the prosecutor to make a decision regarding a possible release is Monday, July 9. Even if the prosecutor was to make his/her decision today regarding a possible release, Blythe would not be able to leave the country until next week because the court has another three days to provide an official comment on the prosecutor’s approval. If the prosecutor was to oppose Blythe’s release, an official complaint would be sent to the municipal court. If both the court and the prosecutor agree to oppose Blythe’s release, the bail would likely be canceled and returned to the singer.

Last night we posted new video footage of the incident for which Blythe is being charged. From the looks of it, a mammoth security guard had more to do with any possible injuries to the Czech fan than Randy did.

Meanwhile, Blythe remains in jail. Stay strong, dude, you’ll get through this.


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