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Former Cro-Mags bassist Harley Flanagan stabbed two current members of the band over the weekend, in the middle of a show, in front of like a gajillion witnesses, all of whom seem to agree that he pretty much came out of nowhere with the knife and just went apeshit. Like this one from Bowery Boogie

“We were watching the hardcore show at Webster Hall… when all hell broke loose upstairs. Harley Flanagan… stumbled into the VIP lounge with a knife. Security mobilized in a hot minute and beat the shit out of him. It took no less than six beefy dudes to control the madness.”

…or this report from The Daily News:

“[Flanagan] first lunged at one of the men and slashed him twice in the side, the sources said. As the second victim tried to break up the fight, Flanagan bit him and slashed him near his right eye.

“Flanagan then turned back to the first victim and cut him again in the right arm and bit him in the left forearm.”

Seems pretty clear that Flanagan attacked these guys, right? I mean, people who are, say, defending themselves, don’t usually need to be pulled off of the people  threatening them — it’s usually the other way around, y’know? They also don’t usually “turn back to” one of the people against whom they’re defending themselves — they usually, like, get the fuck outta Dodge.

My point mean, holy shit does Flanagan’s lawyer have some big hairy balls, because he’s claiming that Flanagan’s actions were all done in self-defense. From  NYNatives.com:

“Cro-Mags founder, Harley Flanagan himself and his attorney have told nynatives.com exclusively in a statement that everything that happened on July 6th at the CBGB’s Festival Cro-Mags show at Webster Hall happened in ‘self defense.’ Harley was not the aggressor and any and all of his actions were in self defense.”

So I’m not attorney, but oh boy good luck with this one buddy. I mean I guess it’s possible that Flanagan was acting in self-defense, but you think that one of the fuck only knows how many people who saw this would have said something publicly before now. Flanagan may very well be trying to convince the world that the sky isn’t blue, and as we all know, only politicians and religious leaders can pull that trick off.


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