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The bad news is, Mares of Thrace drummer Stef MacKichan has left the band “due to getting into the educational program of her dreams,” and the really bad news is, there’s only two people in Mares of Thrace so that’s half the damn line-up. The good news is, the split with guitarist/vocalist Thérèse Lanz appears to be amicable (Lanz says that MacKichan is ” as the Dothraki from Game of Thrones say, blood of my blood”), and Lanz has recruited Rae Amitay as MacKichan’s replacement. And if you don’t know who Rae Amitay is, you should watch this video of her jamming on some Allegaeon:

So I don’t have any doubt that Amitay can handle MacKichan’s shit live. I am a little worried about what this means for the next Mares of Thrace album. But seeing as a) they just released the excellent The Pilgrimage this year and are therefore probably a ways off from making their next album, and b) I have no idea how big of a role MacKichan played in MoT’s writing and for all I know, Lanz was doing all the heavy lifting anyway, I’m not gonna lose my marbles over it just yet.

Mares of Thrace begin a tour with Primitive Weapons and Pilgrim on July 31. Get dates here.


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