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Last year MetalSucks ran a contest wherein the winner got a lock of the beard of Amon Amarth’s Johan Hegg. If you entered that contest and lost but still wanna own some facial hair from a metal star, I guess this is your chance. Andrew W.K. is releasing a tenth anniversary edition of his seminal debut, I Get Wet, and five-hundred double-disc copies will include the following:

  • 498 copies will include a piece of Andrew W.K.’s stage-worn jeans
  • Three copies will include a lock of Andrew W.K.’s unwashed hair
  • One copy will include the ticket stub from Andrew W.K.’s flight from Prague to New York City.
  • All copies will include an autographed twenty page booklet
  • All copies will include a “Bloody Nose Air Freshener” to make sure the dirty clothes/hair don’t stink up the rest of the package

The jeans, hair, and ticket stub will be included at random, so you won’t know which item you’re getting when you buy it, and, obviously, chances are best that you’ll get a piece of the jeans.  I’m not nearly a big enough Andrew W.K. fan for this to be worth it (I would honestly rather own the Andrew W.K. bronies shirt than a piece of his hair or stinky jeans), but for the five-hundred people who do buy it, well, it is a pretty cool way to make the special edition that much more special.


[via Metal Underground]

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