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No character in the metal world fascinates us more than Swallow the Sun’s Angry Keyboard Player, aka Aleksi Munter. Dude makes what is unquestionably the most metal facial expressions in all of metal when the band plays live, and he got so mad about having to cut his hair for a new job that the band made an entire music video about it.

The Deciblog’s Chris Dick recently jumped at the opportunity to interview AKP about Swallow the Sun’s not-really-new album Emerald Forest and the Blackbird, “out now” in the U.S. but really out everywhere six months ago. Here are a few highlights:

I’ve often felt STS songs are like album-form movies. At this point, where does the cinematic inspiration come from?
Aleksi: Mainly Twin Peaks, it has always been an inspiration, especially to the songs musically, but also lyrically to some extent. On Hope we tried to go for The Shining-type of vibes, but in hindsight that could’ve been more apparent.

What a bizarre show, so fitting for Swallow the Sun’s music. Read more about the band’s Twin Peaks obsession here.

What the hell does Emerald Forest and the Blackbird mean? Nonsense or are things to pick out for listeners by separating words to create different meanings?
Aleksi: It’s the story the narrator of the first song is telling. Juha got inspired by this old Finnish lullaby called Sininen Uni, The Blue Dream.

Why hell did it take so long for the U.S. release to follow the European release? These days, there’s no reason for territorial restrictions.
Aleksi: Don’t ask us. We’re as baffled as anyone else.

And finally:

What’s the one thing you’d want a new fan to walk away with after listening to Emerald Forest and the Blackbird?
Aleksi: A boner.

Mission accomplished with this fan.

Catch Swallow the Sun on tour in the U.S. this fall with Kreator and Accept. Dates here.


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