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PHIL LABONTE THINKS TOM MORELLO IS A FOOL. AND [GASP], A COMMUNIST!I don’t take anything Autotune Labonte says to heart; anyone who thinks the answer to mass killings is MORE guns (as long as they have silencers, per Labonte’s current Twitter icon!) and who thinks the music industry is actually a mouthpiece for the DNC clearly belongs in the looney bin with Dave Mustaine. Mostly I just like a good chuckle so I sit back and watch the sparks fly.

Regardless of where your politics lie, there’s no denying that Labonte is a bit of a nut. Here’s his reaction to Tom Morello’s rant against Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan, via Twitter:

Tom Morello is a communist and a fool. He’s also had the wool pulled over his eyes by the system.

Yeah, because using “communist” as an insult is a really intelligent, well-thought out attack. And, contrary to Labonte’s claim (a response to God Forbid’s Doc Coyle), “fool” is in fact synonymous with “stupid.” It’s unfortunate Labonte can’t run his Tweets through Autotune to make sure they better utilize the English language.

Much to my surprise, Labonte later said something I actually sort of agree with (again in response to Coyle):

And bad when a republican is in office. They are to sides of the evil coin. Both are bad news for individual liberty.

Truth. Both parties are equally susceptible and beholden to big corporate money, both a part of our broken democracy. ‘Merica!


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