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Alex Skolnick Has a Rap-Metal Doppelgänger

  • Axl Rosenberg

Alex Skolnick Has a Rap-Metal DoppelgängerNot being a Peggy Bundy-style sit-at-home-and-eat-bon-bons housewife, I don’t watch The Maury Povich Show. And so before yesterday afternoon, I was not familiar with Vicious D.N.A., an awful rap-rock group whose greatest claim to fame is “Bring ‘Em Out,” a 2008 modernization of the Maury theme song that only a seventy-year-old white guy would think is “hip” and “cool”:


“Okay, but why is this relevant to metal?” you ask. Well, here’s why: Vicious D.N.A.’s guitar player calls himself “Skoli-D,” and, complete lack of songwriting prowess aside, bears a whole lot of resemblance to Testatment’s Alex Skolnick — so much so that Skolnick considers Skoli-D an “impostor,” according to Metal Injection.

It’s obviously hard to blame Sklonick for his feelings regarding Skoli-D; that guitar player’s moniker of choice obviously owes its origins to Skolnick, but adding insult to injury is the fact that he also uses the same model guitar as Skolnick and, Metal Injection asserts, the same tone and stage moves*.

Skolnick has apparently been trying to track down and confront Skoli-D for the past four years with no luck. (“I haven’t been able to comfortably wear a beanie and sunglasses combo since” becoming aware of Skoli-D, Skolnick tells MI; I assume he’s kidding around.) You’d think Skoli-D would be dying to meet his hero, but maybe he has some awareness that Skolnick disapproves of what he’s doing and is basically just trying to cover his ass. In any case, anyone with info on the whereabouts or true identity of Skoli-D is encouraged to drop us a line so we can help Skolnick give him what fo’.

While you ponder this bizarre mystery, here’s another Vicious D.N.A. video for your non-enjoyment. I guess in all fairness… it’s better than Limp Bizkit?



*For the record, I don’t think it’s fair to accuse this loser of having similar stage moves to Skolnick — I’ve never seen Skolnick put his feet together and bounce the way this douchebag does. That being said, the dudes at Metal Injection are actually friends with Skolnick and are working on an awesome new project with him, so I will ultimately defer to them.

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